Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Make Me Feel Like I'm Living a Teenage Dream

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
This week on Love Wednesday, we will be talking about someone very very special and quite loveable I'm sure you'll agree, Mr. Darren Criss!!!!!!! 

I am absolutely in love with Darren Criss, a Starkid and a star of the hit TV show, Glee.  He has been a part of all the Starkid shows, either writing the music, or actually performing in them and sometimes both!!!  He is an amazingly talented actor, musician and songwriter.  He plays Blaine Anderson on Glee, who goes to Dalton Academy with Kurt Hummel (my other favourite Glee character).  He is gay, just like Kurt, and Kurt has been in love with him since he met him (who wouldn't), but it took Blaine longer to realize that he feels the same way about Kurt.

He is also Harry Potter!!

Sorry for all of the pictures, there are a lot, I just can't stop looking at him.  I really like how he hasn't become obsessed with fame and started doing bad things like a lot of other celebrities.  He seems like a really nice person and a really chill and cool guy (he also happens to be the most beautiful creature in the entire earth).  I like how he plays a gay on TV because he makes it seem okay to be gay because everyone will see it on TV.  He is also a great role model for Kurt, which is an admirable quality.  He is amazing and his singing voice is like heaven, he makes me feel so good when I hear him sing, I get butterflies in my tummy.

So, here are just a couple examples of his heavenly angelic voice, Youtube him and I swear you will be on there for hours, just listening to him sing.  He is also extremely beautiful.  I hope you liked this week's edition of Love Wednesday.
Enjoy your stress-free life!
Peace and Love!

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