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Glee Review: Season 2, Episode 17: A Night Of Neglect

Wednesday, April 21, 2011
This is a new feature I am adding to the blog, it is a weekly Glee review, and it will be on the Wednesday after the episode premieres.  Glee just came back from a few weeks of break, and I personally don't think that this was the best way to come back from that.  The episode was okay, but it wasn't one of the best, it was just kind of average.  Since they were just on break, I was expecting something a bit more exciting.
 Mercedes was acting all "diva" like, with Lauren Zizes as her manager, which was just kind of weird.  I guess she just wanted some attention because Rachel gets it all, but it was a strange thing to have in the episode, really random.  I really wonder why she never gets solos too, she is so amazing!

 Charice was back as Sunshine and she did an amazing performance of All By Myself, but I was dissapointed when she didn't perform in the concert, it was just sad.  I wish she hadn't done that.

 The Glee Club was organizing a concert, called A Night Of Neglect to raise money for their trip to Nationals and the Braniacs (Tina, Mike, Artie and Brittany)'s trip to Detroit.  They only performed songs by neglected artists, which I thought was weird because if you wanted people to come, wouldn't you perform songs that they know and like, not ones that they don't know?

 When Tina performed I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li, it was awful because the audience was only six people, and four of them were the "Heckler" club, organized by Sue to yell at the performers so she ran off the stage crying.  I felt bad because she was actually pretty good.

 Mike danced to Bubble Toes, and he was awesome because they stopped the Hecklers so he danced awesomely, as usual!

 Holly performed Turning Tables by Adele and she was amazing, I fell in love with the song.  She got a job in Cleveland so she broke up with Will.  That made me sad, but now he can be with Emma!

Mercedes performed the final number, 'Aint No Way by Aretha Franklin and she rocked it!  Mercedes is so talented that Sandy donated money to fund the Braniac's trip, so it was a happy ending!  Yay!

So, this episode was not a bad episode, but it also wasn't great.  I liked it and it satisfied my Glee craving I have been having since Regionals, so that's good.  I can't wait until next week's episode because Kurt is coming back to McKinley!!!!! YAY!!!
Enjoy your stress-free life!
Peace and love!

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