Friday, April 29, 2011

I Wouldn't Have Nothing If I Didn't Have You

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
So, this week I will tell you about my love for Monster's Inc.  It is amazing!!!!  It was one of my favourite Disney movies from when I was a little kid.  It is great!  I love how it is funny at parts, sad at some and just plain awesome at others.  It is an awesome movie, if you haven't seen it yet, go see it NOW!!!!

It is another amazing Disney Pixar film that I will always love, and so will the rest of the world.  My favourite is Boo, she is so cute, but I also love Mike, Sully and the Abominable Snowman, because he is so funny and random.  I hope you watch this and enjoy it as much as I do!

Here's a song from the movie with Sully and Mike!

What movies do you love?
Comment your favourites and if I love them too I might write a post about it!
Enjoy your stress-free life!
Peace and love!

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