Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Forever In Blue Jeans

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Today is Trendy Tuesday, and today's trend is of course the most major necessity in my closet.....JEANS!!!  I love my jeans, they are my favourite type of pants.

Jeans come in many different sizes, styles, and colours, so pretty much anyone wtih legs can wear them!  That is why I love them the most!  Everyone can wear jeans, no matter what size or shape they are and no matter what colour and style they prefer. 

(I personally enjoy how each person in this picture has a pair of Converse to match their jeans, that would be the coolest thing ever)

I personally enjoy bootcut jeans, a slightly lighter shade of blue.  Especially the Chelsea Bootcut style from Aeropostale, I have about two or three pairs of them (and they are all the same colour).  I like to mix things up a little bit, haha, not really.

Enjoy your stress-free life!
Peace and love!

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