Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Somebody's Going Down

Sunday, April 10, 2011
So, this Sunday, I will be telling you about an aspect of my personality which isn't really all that great.  I am really, really, really competitive.
I really like winning and being the best at things.  I take any type of competition way too seriously and I don't think that it's good for me to be that way.  I really try not to be so competitive all the time, but somehow, my mind believes that the only important thing is winning.  I even consider getting higher grades than others as winning.

Except, the one thing about this that is kind of good is that it is not necessarily being first, but depending on what it is, sometimes I just care about winning for myself, as in doing my personal best.  That isn't a bad thing to want.  In fact, I think that everyone should try to do their personal best all the time.  Just don't be so competitive with other people like me.

Well, I hope that you all do not turn out like me and these chickens and become too competitive.  Not being competitive leads to a more stress-free life, enjoy it!
Peace and love!

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