Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Alone In The Universe

Saturday, April 16, 2011
This Saturday, I will be writing a poem about myself.  I call it "All Alone And All By Myself".

I'm all alone
Alone in the world
Alone in the universe
Nobody to love
Nobody to hold
All by myself
All alone
No love
No romance
Just loneliness
Just sadness
Why is this?
I am unloved
And alone
I am unpopular
And alone
I have friends
But I still feel so
All by myself
I just want to be
And happy
I wish...
For love
And to stop
Being so
All by myself

I hope that you will all be loved and not alone just like I will be, eventually in my life...hopefully soon.
Enjoy your stress-free life!
Peace and love!


  1. I too am alone. as I sit here wit the glow of my laptop on my face. I have no hope for companionship.
    nothing will ever be as close to me as the skin covering my body. I'm done searching. fuck the beautiful people.

  2. No one wants to be alone...they all say that, they really understand the meaning of those words? Have they ever been alone to the point of shedding tears everyday? Have they ever laid in their bed at night praying not to be alone anymore? Have they ever felt that gnawing emptiness, even in the company of kind friends and family? I wish you all the best and may you never be always alone...