Thursday, May 26, 2011

Here's a Blaine and Kurt Fanfiction I Found, It's Pretty Good

I found this on a youtube video, it's in the description.

Kurt handed Blaine the sweats."You can change out her
e and I'll change in the bathroom."Kurt grabbed his PJ's and headed to the bathroom.

Blaine slipped on Finn's sweat pants. They were a little to baggy for Blaine's liking but they were soft and cozy and Blaine liked soft and cozy.

Kurt pecked through the slighting opened door,he just saw Blaine take his shirt off. Kurt's eyes widened."Oh my Gaga. Mary mother of Lambert."Kurt looked at Blaine's beautifully toned body,his abs. God his abs. Kurt was drolling. You would be drolling to. The man was a god. Blaine slipped on a light pink colored shirt,it fit like a glove. Kurt turned away and changed fastly."Blaine,you done?"He called."Yeah!"Blaine yelled back. Kurt opened the door."Luckily my dad put the old sofa down here. It pulls out into a bed."

It had been a good two hours. Kurt and Blaine were talking. Babbling about random stuff."So your parents they know that"Kurt asked after a few seconds of silence. Blaine cleared his throat."My mom does. But I didn't tell me dad. Despite his hippy days in his older years he became quite the on god loves everyone but the homo's."Blaine said awkwardly."I'm sorry,Blaine."Kurt whispered."It's fine,really. I've just gotten use to it."Blaine chuckled."My dad thinks I'm dating my best friend Holly."

"Isn't Wes dating a Holly?"
"Exactly."Blaine smirked. The basement door opened."Oh,did I wake you boys?"Carole asked."No,"both Blaine and Kurt answered together. Carole smiled then walked over to Kurt and pulled his blanket up and kissed his forehead. Kurt made a face while looking at her. She walked over to Blaine and did the same thing. She took a quick liking to Blaine,more or less adopting him. Carole left."Sorry about her."Kurt finally said."There's nothing to be sorry about."Blaine reassured."Oh,and Kurt I got my middle name legally changed to Frost. Just Frost." Blaine turned and looked at Kurt."Just so you know,"he smirked,then soon both the boys said goodnight then fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning Blaine was the first to wake up. He walked into Kurt's bathroom and took a shower he put his PJ's back on because he didn't have anything else but the clothes he wore yesterday. He walked out of the bathroom,hitting right into Kurt."Ow,"Kurt winced."Sorry,"Blaine muttered and got out of the way. Kurt went into the bathroom and did his morning routine. He walked out dress in dark blue skin tight jeans(no pun intended)a tight red button up with a white bow tie and white leather jacket(that two was tight)to complete the look Kurt added white dress shoes.

Blaine held his breath. Kurt looked like a runway model,a very sexy runway model.
No,Blaine. Don't think that way. Your just his friend. Just his friend. His common sense said then his uncommon sense kicked in.
'Stop fooling yourself Blaine,you know your looking at his ass. Those damn skin tight jeans pull your eyes right to it.'
'You know you want to go up to him and just embrace him....with your lips.'
'I bet they taste like cherries.'Blaine thought. Kurt always had cherry chap stick with him,Blaine liked cherries.

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